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Professor Chunjiao Yu
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Department of International Trade & Economics

School of Business, Hubei University

368 YouyiAvenue, Wuchang District

Wuhan, Hubei Province, 430062,P.R.China







·        International Trade

·        GVCs and international production networks

·        Multinational Enterprises and Foreign Direct Investment


·        Multinational Enterprises and Investment (for undergraduates)

·        Practice of International Trade (for undergraduates)

·        International Trade Theory and Policy( for graduates)

·        International Business ( for graduates)




·        Ph.D.,Economics(International Trade), Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China, 2004

·        MA, Economics(World Economy), Hubei University, China, 2001

·        BA, Arts(English Literature and Teaching),Hubei University, China, 1994




·        July2012- present, Professor, School of Business, Hubei University, China

·        January 2011-present, Vice Dean of the Research Center of Open Economy of Hubei, Hubei University, China

·        2004–July2012, Associate Professor, School of Business,Hubei University, China

·        1994– 2004, Lecturer, Hubei University, China





·        The second prize of “10th Social Sciences Outstanding Research Award of Hubei Province” (December,2016) for the China’s position and gains in East Asian Production Networks,awarded by Government of Hubei Province, China.

·        The third prize of “13th Social Sciences Outstanding Research Award of Wuhan” (March,2013) for the series of paper about China’s gains in East Asian Production Networks, awarded by Government of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

·        The State Fund of Social Science Research by Chinese Government on the project Study on Developing Cross-border Production Networks among the “Silk Road “Countries, RMB200,000, September 2016- December 2020.

·        The Fund of Social Science Research by Ministry of Education of China on the project China’s Trade Performance within GVCs, RMB100,000,July2015- December 2018.

·        The State Fund of Social Science Research by Chinese Government on the projectChina’s Position and gains in East Asian Production Networks and Correspondent Adjustments of China’s Foreign Trade Strategy, RMB90,000,July2008- December 2011.

·        The Fund of Social Science Research by Government of Wuhan on the project Assessment of Wuhan’s Location Competence of Undertaking International Services Outsourcing,RMB8,000,August 2008- August 2009.

·        The Fund of Social Science Research by Government of Wuhan on the project The Interdependence between Manufacturing and Producer Services inWuhan City Circle: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, RMB10,000,August 2010- August 2011.

·        Research Grant for the Distinguished Young Researchers, Hubei University, RMB10,000,November2010- December 2011.

·        The Start-up Research Grant, Hubei University, RMB10,000, July 2005.


1. Refereed Journal Articles (selected)

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Zhechong Luo.   What are China's real gains within global value chains? Measuring domestic value added in China's exports of manufactures,China Economic Review,Vol.47, Feburary2018, PP.263-273.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Qi Ruan. A Study on the Origins of China’s Export Growth to  the Silk Road Economic Belt Countries (in Chinese). Asia-Pacific Economic Review,2017(2), pp.16 - 20

·          Yu, Chunjiao. International Trade, Technological Innovation, and Wage Gap between Skilled and Unskilled Urban Residents in China: An Empirical Study Based on Individual Micro-data(in Chinese). International Trade Journal,2016 (5), pp.16 - 27. (with YU, Mei-ci)

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Xiaojie Hu. Sophistication of China’s Manufactured Exports and Determinants. Transnational Corporations Review,Volume 7, No. 4, June 2015, pp.169–189.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Jiarong Li. On the Comparison of the Competiveness of Services Trade of the BRICS Countries”(in Chinese).Journal of Hubei University (Philosophy and Social Science),2015(5), pp.114 -119.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Wei Tang. The Impact of Infrastructure on Regional Trade Performance in China(in Chinese). Journal of Hubei University ( Philosophy and Social Science),2013(2), pp.78 - 81.

·          Yu, Chunjiao. Does Labor Division of East Asian Production Networks Increase the Export Competitiveness of China's Manufacturing Industries?(in Chinese).International Trade Journal,2012 (5), pp.53 - 63.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Xiaojie Hu. Trade Patterns and the Determinants in ICT Manufacturingacross the Taiwan Strait(in Chinese). World Economy Study, No. 3, 2012(3), pp.81–86.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Kuangda Li. Local Embeddedness Features of Taiwanese PC Production Networks in Mainland China”(in Chinese). Management World,2011 (8).

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Longfei Zhu. Testing the validity of the purchasing power parity hypothesis: a study based on the RMB/USD exchange rate (in English).International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations,Vol. 7, No. 4, 2010, pp.323–334.

·          Yu, Chunjiao, YongmeiChen and JieyingZhang.The Gains of China's integration into the East Asian Production Networks: An Analysis Based on the Net Value-added of 20 Industrial Sectors (in Chinese).Finance and Trade Economics,2010(2), pp.70 - 77.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Ling Xu (2010).China’s Position in East Asian Production Networks:A Study Based on Electronics and Machinery Industry(in Chinese).International Trade,2010(2), pp.12 - 18.

·          Yu, Chunjiao andLing Xu (2010).China’s Position in East Asian Electronics Production Networks:A Study Based on ICT Industry (in Chinese).World Regional Studies, Vol. 7, No. 4,2010, pp.47 - 57.

·          Yu, Chunjiao andJieyingZhang.The Determinants of China's integrating into East Asian Production Networks(in Chinese).Asia-Pacific Economic Review,2010(2), pp.11 - 15.

·          Yu, Chunjiao and Guangfeng Zheng. A Study on the Interrelation between Producer Services and Manufacturing of Hubei Province (in Chinese).Economic Geography,Vol. 30, No.11,2010, pp.1859 - 1864.

·          Yu, Chunjiao.On the Intra-productspecialization (monograph in Chinese). RenminPress of Hubei,December2009.

·          Yu, Chunjiao. Intra-product Specialization and the Impacts on International Trade(in Chinese).International Trade Journal,2008(6), pp.22 - 26.

·          Yu, Chunjiao.The Distortion Effects and Reform of Rules of Origin under the Situation of International Fragmentation of Production (in Chinese).International Trade Journal,2004(9), pp.17 - 22.

·          Yu, Chunjiao.Testing of International Trade Theories: A Literature Review (in Chinese).International Economics and Trade Research,2002(6), pp.5 - 10.


2. Monograph

Yu, Chunjiao. On the Specialization Impact of East Asian Production Networks (in Chinese). Beijing: Renmin Publishing House, April, 2014.


3. Book Chapter

·        Yu, Chunjiao and Kuangda Li(2013). “The knowledge Transfer of PC TNCs: A case Study”, in Gloria Yuan et al.(eds.), Transnational Corporations and China: Outward Foreign Direct Investment, March 2013,Denfar Transnational Development, Canada.

·        Yu, Chunjiao(2009).“Assessment of the Competitiveness of Wuhan for Attracting Services Outsourcing”,chapter in Jianping Liu (ed.), 2009, The Research Report of Open Economy of Hubei(in Chinese),Wuhan: Renmin Press of Hubei.

·        Yu, Chunjiao (2008).“On the Technology Spillovers of International Outsourcing of Services” (in English). The Proceedings of the Management Track within the 4th International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing(WICOM2008), The Institute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers, Inc.

·        Yu, Chunjiao and Meici Yu (2007).International Production Networks, Technology Diffusion and Upgrading of China’s Processing Export” (in English).The Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Innovation and Management (ICIM07) in Yamaguchi University (Japan), December 2007.

·        Yu, Chunjiao(2006).“Adjustment in the Organization of International Production of MNEs and the Impact on Regional Disparity in China” (in English).The Proceedings of the Fifth Wuhan International Conference on E-Business(WHICEB2006), Alfred University Press,May 2006.


Conference Presentation

·        “The Sophistication of China’s Manufactured Exports and It’s Determinants” (in English), presented  at the Chinese Session in Canadian Economics Association (CEA)’s Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada, June1, 2013

·        International Production Networks, Technology Diffusion and Upgrading of China’s Processing Export” (in English), presented at the 4th International Conference on Innovation and Management (ICIM07) in Yamaguchi University, Japan, December 2007.



·        Membership of American Economy Research Association, China

·        Membership of World Economy Research Association, China




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